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Are you from the 'seed' of Abraham?
Were your ancestors among the ancient Hebrew peoples?

Welcome to the Hebrew Information Highway

    This website is an 'information highway' to ancient Hebrew ways as per  scriptures found in the old Testament. These ancient ways were taught to the Israelites by YHWH - (the Creator or Almighty One) and His prophets.  A Hebrew is not only a descendant of Abraham but is also a follower of the God of Abraham.  It wasn't enough merely to be the 'seed' of Abraham, but a Hebrew also followed YHWH and adhered to his ways.  Only one son of Noah (Shem/Semites) was considered a 'Hebrew'.
     Hopefully the links below will help you find your Hebrew heritage and give you knowledge of what it means to be Hebrew.  The websites listed below were chosen for their ability to teach, reach, and instruct the lost tribes of Israel.  The knowledge these links provide will form a 'highway' to your God  YHWH - the God of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph.  Hopefully your journey down the 'Hebrew Highway' will bring you to your natural heritage, which will become the united kingdom of (Hebrew) Israelites, under the direction and leadership of their long-awaited Messiah.
     More website links may be added in the future.  Have a happy and safe travel.

"And there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people"
"And there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people"

BRIT-AM, in the Hebrew Bible means 'Covenant of the People' (of Israel).  Yair Davidy is the Editor and distributor of the magazine  with the same title - 'Brit-Am'.  Mr. Davidy is a Jew who lives in Israel and has become quite well known around the world as an expert on the history of ancient Israel and her peoples.   Mr. Davidy, with support and guidance from Rabbi Avraham Feld, has quite a following as he expertly maps out the path the ancient Israelites took across Europe, the British Isles and beyond.
     Yair Davidy says:  'The ancient Israelites consisted of twelve tribes. Ten of those tribes were exiled thereby losing their identity. They were taken away by the Assyrians and with the downfall of the Assyrian Empire became nations in their own right. They are identifiable as the Cimmerian, Scythian, and Gothic groups of nations.  From these groups evolved the Celtic and West European nations.
     Descendants of these Israelites became an important element both in quality and quantity amongst several European peoples.  Descendants of the Israelite Tribe of Joseph were especially important in English-speaking nations.  We have proven this from Biblical, Talmudical, historical, archaeological, and related sources as well as from the study of mythology and linguistics.  These proofs are revealed in Yair Davidy's books: "The Tribes",  "Lost Israelite Identity",  and "Ephraim",  also in articles found in the magazine "BRIT-AM".   This is an exciting work which has many supporters around the world.   Click on the link below for more info on Brit-Am.

  The United Hebrew Congregation, under the leadership of Charles Voss, is also 'working toward the restoration of the house of Israel with the house of Judah'. This congregation adheres to the ancient writings of YHWH as found in the old Testament.  They follow the Holy One of Israel - the Creator, YHWH.   The United Hebrew Congregation gives no credence to Christianity nor its origins.  The Messiah they wait for is none other than King David himself.  Their message is for 'The Hope of Israel: The advent of the Messiah, who will build the third Temple in Jerusalem, and will  re-unite the whole house of Israel, including the House of Judah. This is the Hope of Israel' according to the United Hebrew Congregation.  To reach their website please click on the following link:
United Hebrew Congregation

Celtic Heritage: Celtic Link to King David
     Celtic Heritage is an interesting work that covers prophecies and writings of Daniel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah.  Celtic Heritage covers the link to King David via the Kings of the British Isles. This writer, Betty Rhodes, has a very blunt way of putting her findings and comes right to the point.  Her conclusions include dates and names to identify the 'monsters' of prophecy.  This is definitely not for the close-minded among us, but for others it will open your eyes.  Celtic Heritage has a message that will steer you in the direction of the 'Hebrew Highway'.
To read (or print) this article click on the following link:
Celtic Heritage: Celtic Link to King David

  Torah on the Information Superhighway
Rabbi Yaakov Menken is the  Director of 'Project Genesis'.  Project Genesis is a  network of on-line classes for Jewish studies.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Torah study can be found here, including sections for beginner, immediate, and advanced students.  Several Rabbis contribute to this work, which is well rounded and very informative.  Their work is orthodox in nature and highly respected in the Jewish Community.  This site is recommended for those who want to traverse the 'Hebrew Highway'.
To learn more on Torah, please on the following link:
Torah/Project Genesis
Note:   Torah.org and Project Genesis do not necessarily promote the findings of others on this
'Hebrew Highway' website.  Torah.org is added here as a Torah learning site.